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Why Pandai is Different


European companies spend between 3 and 9% of their revenues on market research every year. That’s a huge amount of money. Too often the impact market research has on an organization is disappointing and many decisions are taken on the basis of trust in an agency rather than on the insights from the research.

When you outsource market research Pandai offers a unique service by supporting you in the process of briefing, monitoring progress and tailoring feedback to your different stakeholders. 

Market Research Quality Management

Making Your Market Research Pay Off
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The Process

Briefing your agency is a complex task prone to noise and misunderstanding. Even before you brief your agency, translating "what you need" into " what you are going to ask" is a tough job. During the project you lack resources to monitor progress and the agency will only call you when it gets critical. When results are presented, marketing, sales and R&D hear one and the same story. Pandai sits with you and with your agency making sure this entire process is run in an effective and reliable manner. Pandai makes sure you ask the right questions so you'll get the answers you need.

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About Burning Money

Although companies rely on market research to drive innovation and build their marketing strategies they are often unable to judge the quality of research. And even though they may operate along well formalized business processes the interaction with market research agencies is largely based on trust. So they struggle when asked what metrics they have for the effectiveness of market research.

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Quotable Quotes

Interviews show a strong feeling with companies and agencies alike that there is much room for improvement in communication, the quality of the research and the desired impact on organizations.


Other Services
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Training & Workshops

Pandai offers a range of Trainings and Work Shops. Both in-company and off-site. The Pandai library contains several proven Work Shops on a variety of subjects. A Training or Work Shop can be tailored or designed to suit your needs.


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Interim Management

Organizations tend to lean hard on their Consumer Insights departments. That makes it difficult for them to stay aligned with the company's strategy. Pandai provides interim management to get the team back on the right track.  And then there are companies that struggle to get adequate Consumer Insights capabilities in-house. In such cases Pandai can start building a Consumer Insights team, embed it effectively between other functions before handing it back.

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Lectures at Universities ( ... or your Customer)

But equally happy Pandai stands before your Marketing or R&D-team to give a fascinating lecture on topics such as:

- The Psychology of Taste and Smell
- How Sensory Science drives Development
- How Humans can be a Reliable Measuring Instruments
- Pitfalls and Miracles of Market Research
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About Pandai

Pandai is a small and flexible company and its main focus is on increasing effectiveness of Market Research.

Pandai brings 25 years of experience in initiating, guiding and outsourcing Consumer Insights and Market Research projects.
Professionally managed Consumer Insights projects increase the predictability of success. Understanding consumers enables focus on select target groups with compelling communication through appropriate media channels.

Ton Teerling is founder and owner of Pandai.


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